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Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss not only affects one’s physical appeal, but can also be damaging in areas such as one’s career, love life and marriage. While it is a particularly troubling issue, we believe its treatment is a long-term process that cannot succeed based on any one product or in untrained hands. After intensive research into the topic, we can conclude that hair loss has a few main causes:

  • Obstruction of proper blood circulation
  • Disruption to hair growth due to various illnesses
  • Lack of nutrients essential for hair growth

As long as the hair capillary still functions and the pore is still open, new hair can re-emerge with the proper treatment. By using a special combination of natural herbs, we are therefore able to stop hair loss and gradually promote hair growth. With Hair in Season, hair loss is not the end of the world and a head full of shiny hair is a real and visible result!

White Hair Solutions

Other than ageing, white hair can result from stress, illness or an imbalance in the hormones. Dyeing or colouring your hair cannot help much as those are only very temporary solutions. Hair in Season takes a different approach, using a selection of medicinal herbs to gradually improve hair condition at the root level. Instead of just masking white hair, we actually promote the growth of black hair by stimulating the production of enzymes, producing results that are visible.

Dandruff/Scalp Solutions

Dandruff is an irritating and usually persistent condition that actually arises from the scalp naturally shedding its dead skin cells, a process that can be accelerated when the scalp is oily or affected by fungus growth. We get to the very root of this common problem by using a highly effective formula which improves the condition of the scalp itself. When the scalp is restored to its healthy state, skin cell renewal will be moderated, putting an end to dandruff and associated pronlemks like itching.

Oil Control Solutions

Oily hair not only affects your appearance, but may often lead to other problems such as dandruff or acne. It is a condition mainly caused by the over-production of sebum in the glands located in the scalp. Our herbal formula zeros in on the problem by acting to dry out any oil and regulate the production of sebum, offering a long-term solution to a problem that’s so common in our tropical climate.